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About Randy Willingham

Two Old Mensmal

I cannot describe myself (pictured on the right) without thinking of many others who have changed my my life (like Rudee Cryer on the left). These people include family, life long friends, Pure Heart Vision’s board, Harding University, the Oklahoma State University wrestling commumity, and the church. I think of the people to whom I am indebted. These friends are gifts from God. So, I am deeply grateful for God’s undeserved love and the undeserved love he has given me through others. To these people (you know who you are), I say thank you!

What I’ve received from others is passed onto even more. My appreciation and concern for God’s gift of people explain why I have focused more than 20 years on leadership and conflict. Leadership is the deliberate discipline of understanding and acting to close the gap between where people are and where they need to be. Soberly identifying that gap and moving yourself and others to close it is the essence of leadership. Conflict is the barrier that must be faced to gain progress. Effective new responses to our inner, relational, and organizational conflicts are keys to becoming what God intended for us to be. As a result, leadership at its best always involves conflict; and conflict done well always results in leadership. When these two factors effectively come together we experience progress, healing, and development. This is true whether you are leading a child, a large organization, a church, a family, or a nation.

I teach ministry courses at Harding University and I am a Christian coach, a church consultant, the director for Pure Heart Vision and the Center for Spiritual Leadership, and the owner of Courageous Conversations. I began serving in ministry over 25 years ago. My approach is also informed by my experience as a world class athlete (winning a bronze and silver medal in world wrestling tournaments) under some of the best coaches in the world.

To request me to speak, consider a coaching relationship, do conflict mediation, conduct a workshop, or for church consulting visit the contact page. You can also follow me on twitter at @rwillinghamHU.