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PHV Coaching Workshop Schedule

I’m deeply grateful to be part of Pure Heart Vision, a ministry seeking to help churches mature as partners in God’s mission. To this end, we provide dedicated Christians with insight, care, training, and connection.

Our work changes the way people think about what it means to be Christian, supports caregivers to sustain them in ministry, coaches decision makers through wise action, and networks for greater impact.  The Pure Heart Vision Coaching Workshop will provide participants a deepened understanding of God, an appreciation for how God sustains care givers, tools that work to make meaningful differences in others’ lives, and meaningful connection with believers who realize it is more blessed to give than to receive.


The campus of Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas. Room 208 in the American Heritage.


July 28, 29, 30 (Thursday through Saturday)

Schedule & Focus?

Day 1 (Thursday, July 28): The Farewell (Jesus’ Longest Recorded Speech)

9am to 4pm (lunch provided)

Dr. Peter Rice and Professor Jim Bury will lead us in a deep study of the Farewell Speech (John 13-17).


Day 2 (Friday, July 29): Pure Heart Vision Coaching and Consulting

9am to 3pm (lunch provided)

Dr. Randy Willingham will coach the group on Pure Heart Vision coaching and consulting.


Day 3 (Saturday, July 30): The Biblical Story that Makes Our Story Matter 

9am to 2:30pm (lunch provided)

We will integrate insight from days 1 and 2 into meaningful adjustments to our care of souls.

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